The first “Cloudrace” (”Zabeg za oblaka”) held from 28 to 29 September 1991 and organized by TTS travel agency (“Taganay-Tourist-Service”) and orienteering club of Zlatoust city.

On day one participants started from the main entrance of National Park “Taganay” and finished at the TTS camp (distance of approximately 15 km). On the second day they were running about 4 km uphill from the camp to mount Kruglitsa (1178 m height). The winners of this distance were two orienteers Vladimir Medvedev and Sergei Kokorin.

The second race held on 12 September, 1992. The start was in the same place and finish was at the Kruglitsa. In total, there were 23 participants, among them there were several triathlon’s Masters of Sport from Magnitogorsk city. Sergei Kokorin won, orienteer Valery Karpuhin from Ekaterinburg finished in second place (result is 1 hour 16 minutes). Only one participant from Magnitogorsk city was inside the top ten.

The third race held on 18 September, 1993. The temperature was 2°C. Area of “Otkliknoy greben” was covered with snow and blanketed in thick fog. The fog was so strong that even no feeding station was visible. There were 30 participants and Sergei Kokorin claimed victory once again. (result is 1 hour 19 minutes).

After that, there was a break until 2000. At the initiative of Alexander Efremov a length distance was increased to the classic marathon – 42 km. The race started on September 2. The way consisted in two laps. First time they were to run to the “Chernaya Skala” with the return on the start, and then to Kruglitsa and back. Those who had wished to follow a short distance, ran up to the “Chernaya Skala” and back. All athletes started at the same time from the main entrance of the National Park “Taganay.”

In 2001, the start was also on 2 September. It was a nasty weather: cold wind and pouring rain. The controllers had not got to the feeding station on time and some of the participants ran on 12 km farther. The race distance consisted in two laps. In the beginning, the athletes ran long circle – to Kruglitsa and back. Then the second way – to the “Chernaya Skala” and back. The short-distance was run to the “Belij klyuch” and back.

In 2002, the start held on 14 September. The short-distance to the “Chernaya Skala”  was removed, because it had overlapped the road to the Magnitka village. At first, participants ran to the Kruglitsa and back to the start, then the second lap was on the same way to the “Belij klyuch” and backward. Of course, it was not interesting to run the same way for the second time, but it was easier to organize feeding station and ensure safety. The start of the marathon and of the short-distance race gave separate. Marathoners had started 15 minutes earlier than the short distance participants did.

In 2003, the marathon was held on 20 July. There were 90 participants (23 people- in the marathon and the 67 – on 12 km distance-to the “Belij klyuch” and back.)

In 2004 they started on 11 September. The participants were not allowed to climb on the Kruglitsa, because of the rain. The marathoner from Belarus (Master of Sports of International Class) injured his ankle and rescuers had to drag him 15 km on a stretcher from the camp “Taganay” to Taganay forestry on 12 September only.

In 2005 the marathon held on 4 September. The route was changed: from start they  ran down to the metal bridge on the river Bolshaya Tesma, then climbed to the camp on the “Belij klyuch”, and then the traditional way. The total number of  participants was 130. The 18 men and one woman ran a full marathon (42 km), and the other – 12 km. Two athletes ran only the first lap (30 km). The skiers have won in this race. The winner was Vadim Nesterov, the second place – Alexey Nesolyonij, the third – Anton Azanov.

In 2006, the start was the 3rd of September and distance returned to traditional route.

In 2007, the start was on 2 September. It was a first time, when the third-distance of 30 km introduced officially. There were 188 participants. The 23 people (among them was one woman) ran 42 km. 19 people (include three women) ran 30 km, and  the other –  12 km.

In 2008 – starting 30th August. 14 people ran 42 km. 19 people – 30 km, 90 –  12 km.

In 2009, the start was on 12 September. 23 people – 42 km. 34 people – 30 km, 97 people -, 12 km.

In 2010 – 29 of August. 30 people – 42 km, 55 people – 30 km, 29 people – 12 km

In 2011 – 28 August. 29 people – 42 km, 69 people – 30 km and 84 people- 12 km.

In 2012 – 26th August. There were a total of 183 participants: 51 people ran 42 km, 112 participants- 30 km and 120 participants -12 km.  The numbers for athletes weren’t enough, because organizers had taken  only 150 pieces.

In 2013 – 25August. It was 331 people. It was a record of the competition.

The orienteering club of Zlatoust city was the main and the basic organizer of this marathon all these years.

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